Costumer: private

Place: Torino

Project: Studioata, 2004

The apartment is on the uppermost floor (raised in the 70s) of a building from the early 1900s, in the centre of town. The property also inlcudes an uninhabited garret,  which is not accessible from inside the apartment.

The intent is to obtain one single space, joining the two levels, as well as to define distinct functional areas: a kitchen -dining room, a two-level living room, and a sleeping area.

Placed in the centre of the apartment, a cubic object defines the different areas without actually dividing them, and acts as a container for the sanitary fittings, wardrobe, and kitchen appliances.

The cube, entirely covered in MDF, shapes all of the house’s areas, becoming the real protagonist of those spaces.

The stair to the sleeping area is carved in the cube’s body, save for the last few steps, which are detached from it so as not to alter its linearity.