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Pre-finished floors are technically more advanced. They allow you to optimise organisational layout in new buildings. They can be laid quickly without the problems of setting up a site and do not produce dust or unpleasant odour. They are also more hard-wearing and easier to restore during renovation. Gazzotti pre-finished floor gives excellent stability, combined with greater resistance to surface scratches. We also offer solid, pre-finished boards that are pre-polished and varnished with a milled underside: these are obviously less stable products.

Finishes can be varnish or oil. Varnish a poro chiuso (Extraresistent, Smile and Fashion): there are various types of varnish with different types of shine. This finish is the most common because it offers a good level of resistance, protects the parquet and is easy to maintain. All it requires is a wet cloth (water only) for daily cleaning. Solvents or silicon should not be used. Every so often a reviver like Parquet Light can be used: this is a special product for the maintenance of varnished floors that restores original light without increasing shine.
Oil effect (Vintage, Trebbo and Life): these oil-effect varnishes are less resistant than traditional varnish but can be restored with oil and wax-based maintenance products. Oil and wax are finishes for enthusiasts and are not suitable for being walked on a lot or in homes with children. Varnishes, however, combine protection, aesthetics and practicality.

It depends on how much they are walked on and on the layer of wear and tear available. Pre-finished floors benefit from the use of the whole hardwood layer. Pre-finished floor, with a 4mm hardwood top layer, can last at least 120 years under normal walking conditions.

Colours and veins in different types of wood reproduced in display materials are always indicative and not definite, as wood is a natural material and there are variations in colour and veins that make all boards different. Also, when a floor is supplied, it may be noticeably different (usually lighter and with more veins) as, once it is exposed to air and light, the colour of wood tends to change.

New product

Old-looking wood floors are among the most requested trends for both domestic and commercial use: in the Gazzotti Life Collection the natural features of wood like knots, fissures and irregularities are enhanced by craftsman techniques. Also the Trebbo Collection with is extremely natural look of the raw material, the carvings and imperfections, transmits a sensation of aged floors.

Yes, because Vintage combines natural look and easy maintenance. Don’t worry, it is hard-wearing

and reliable and maintenance is truly easily. Use a vacuum cleaner and afterwards a wet cloth with

water and neutral cleaning product. If you need to carry out special maintenance (once every 6 months) you can use Anti Age, a natural oil-based product to be applied in small quantities with a cloth. Anti Age is absorbed by the wood and impregnates it quickly (drying in 1 hour). It nourishes it and eliminates surface scratches. No professional maintenance is needed.

With the Trebbo Collection Gazzotti has drawn inspiration from old wooden floors and redesigned them in a modern yet elegant style. The numerous effects caused b the way the wood is processed and the natural finishes reveal the most authentic, tangible aspect of the aged wood.

Smile Collection offers quality products at a good price. These products have a highly durable finish and are offered in many different trendy colours and three different sizes.

Gazzotti Fashion has been created on purpose for interior designers who whish to personalize their projects with out standing colours like Glitter and Night, super glossy white and black.

there is a short, easy answer: quality. Outdoor floorings are used in difficult situations and therefore need high quality products, especially designed for this type of use. Gazzotti combines nearly a century of experience in wood flooring with the choice and study of raw materials: a technical and professional choice that requires expertise.

Yes because Gazzotti cares a lot about environment and is certified both FSC and PEFC in order to guarantee the chain of custody of the wood. This insures that material comes form sustainably managed forests, wherever possible.


On cement foundations, multi-layers or on existing floors. The cement foundation (of at least 4 cm) can be made of normal or quick-drying cement. For normal cement, drying times vary from 4 to 7 months or more depending on products and on environmental conditions. The customer should be aware of this. It is also essential that the level of humidity should be checked before the floor is laid. For quick-drying cement, drying times are 72/96 hours. In this case, checks for humidity should always be carried out using a carbide hygrometer. If it is necessary to level out the existing flooring it is advisable to always use quick-drying cement . Take care with light foundations (LECA, polystyrene microspheres, etc…): they give way to damp and need much longer drying times. The multi-layer (15 mm thick) is a solution that is often used to avoid the cement foundation . It is definitely preferable to fiberboard but can be noisy underfoot. It is advisable to lay polyethylene sheets as a barrier against humidity. Any pre-existing floor can be an excellent base on which to lay parquet. The floor should be in good condition, it must be perfectly clean and grease-free if it is tiled or in marble, sanded and, if necessary, plastered if it is another parquet. In the case of carpet or linoleum, any residue of glue must be removed with a gentle polish.

The coil of the heating should not come into direct contact with wood (minimum distance 3 cm). It is better to avoid wood that is particularly unstable and over-large formats.Before laying, the heating should be turned on for about two weeks, stopped for a couple of days and after laying, kept to a minimum. When the heating is working normally the surface temperature should never exceed 26-27°C.

A wooden floor can easily be laid in kitchens and bathrooms. Water does not damage wooden floors unless it remains there for a long time. There are, however, some precautions that should be taken: use stable wood like African Doussie, Iroko, Teak and Ash Thermic. Oak should be treated with care as when it comes into contact with humidity it tends to create blackish marks due to tannin, which is a feature of this wood.

Wooden floors should not be laid on a damp surface, i.e. surfaces with humidity above 2% in weight for normal cement foundation and 1.7% for heated floors.If humidity is released by the foundation , within strict limits of tolerance, chemical treatments or a waterproof sheath, on which a multi-layer base can be laid, can be used. Excess damp is obviously not compatible with wooden floors. Stable wood and pre-finished floors are to be preferred.When the floor is laid the room temperature should not be below 10°C, frames should already be mounted and environmental humidity should be normal (45-60%).

Building sites

Traditional floors can be laid at any time, but with dry cement foundation, mounted frames, a room temperature not below that of 10°C and levels of humidity between 45 and 60%.

It depends on the quality of the product. If the product has been treated well, there should be no constraints other than that of normal work schedules. The product should be stored in the correct environmental conditions in complete packaging.


It is always a good idea to compare similar products so as to avoid comparing products that have the same name but a different content.Comparisons should be made between the same type of wood of the same, size, measurement and choice. Accessory costs should also be checked (like transport, ecology and reactions to fire, etc.) together with brand reliability. Obviously a comparison should never be made between a pre-finished floor and laminate. When faced with a large price difference you need to be sure that the offer isn’t for laminate that is being presented as real parquet.

In a free market, each company can present their offer. Prices that vary too greatly should, however, make the customer wary: they are probably based on comparisons between different products, products with different technological characteristics and choice, different wood and formats.