Latest parquet developments

All the latest news on parquet floors not to be missed at the preview at Domotex and IMM Cologne

Are you looking for ideas and inspiration for your new parquet? Then there are two things you can do: browse magazines and catalogues looking for inspiration, or get a jump on things by reading this article to get a preview of the latest parquet developments for 2017.

In this article we feature some of the best new developments previewed at Domotex and IMM Cologne. In our previous article we talked about vintage-look and reclaimed parquet, parquet used artistically and parquet in combination with other materials like marble and tiles. But these are not the only new developments in the world of parquet! Here is what else we found in booths of the two German fairs.

All the colours of parquet



Gazzotti – Trebbo Dresda Nativo

Who was not struck by the appeal of grey parquet last season? One of the musts of 2016, this sophisticated palette will once again be present in many collections in the coming months. But this year it will be accompanied by a new colour (so to speak): brown. Warmer and more welcoming than grey, brown will be used mostly in its lighter nuances like clay and turtle dove. Ideal both for elegant tone-on-tone effects with doors and walls, and for more or less bold colour contrasts.

Last year, for example, we loved Rose Quartz and Serenity (a rather delicate turquoise) with which we redecorated rooms and furnishing details. In 2017 home decor takes on a greenish hue, Greenery to be precise: elected colour of the year by the famous Pantone pigment house, Greenery is a fresh, lively green that, thanks to its acidic notes, adds character to the walls. What better companion than a light brown parquet to attenuate the tones a bit or to create interesting colour contrasts? And for those who have to decorate a small room, light brown parquet is also particularly well suited because it adds brightness, leaves the eye free to roam the room and provides a greater sense of space.

There is also a large selection of browns in casa Gazzotti in the Vintage collections, with its exclusive finish and microporosity for a truly authentic parquet; Trebbo, where new technologies are used to enhance the natural character of the materials; Life, made of soft-toned French oak for an elegant parquet; Smile, for those who prefer versatile solutions and contemporary colours to take it easy at home.

Natural parquet: the most authentic of the latest 2017 parquet developments

The top five latest parquet developments for 2017 would not be complete without the natural parquet. Knots and grains in fact bear witness of natural aesthetics that is increasingly valued in interior and exterior flooring, and prefers “honest” markings and colours. Clearly visible cracks and altered colours, provided that once installed the effect is harmonious. Just as with those who choose the colour, for those who are experts in raw wood there is a way to avoid visual disorder. In these cases, “harmony” is the key word for a “dynamic” but not artificial or invasive effect, where the wood can stand out in all its natural beauty. Top examples in this segment are Oak EcoNat and Walnut Nat of the Vintage and Trebbo lines, where the special finish reveals all the visual and tactile features of the raw wood, like knots and cracks; or also the Degas Oak of the Life line.

Vertical parquet

Forget the “mountain farmstead” style (or grandmother’s basement): wooden wall panelling has returned in increasingly appealing and sophisticated versions. Already becoming more popular at the end of 2016, boiserie made of parquet is ready to put on quite a show in the coming months. Particularly valued in large sizes, wall panelling creates true domestic settings, especially if installed irregularly (e.g., alternating walls, or, why not, with varying heights) and in discontinuity with the flooring. In short, no more panelled effect, wood can be used in an evocative manner to bring out some of the walls in the house, maybe those that cannot be set off with paintings or furnishings alone. Be careful though, because vertical parquet requires a careful study of the walls where it will be installed, which in some cases also involves the mounting of a lightweight frame for fastening.

And which of these new developments are you curious to try?

Let us know and keep following us because some of these new items will be coming to us too

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