10 Reasons Why

10 Added Value to be a GAZZOTTI Group Partner

Why choose Gazzotti Group as a partner for all your most prestigious projects? Here’s why! Check out our 10 (very good) reasons

1. Seamless enhancement in product evolution

Gazzotti Group is used to feed a continuous dialogue to meet the product requirements of the best Designers and Architects of  the Top Fashion Italian Brands in order to achieve the best and the most original wood-floor for their own flagship stores all over the World: this enables Gazzotti Group to evolve for them and with them.

2.  Wide range from handcraft to industrial product

Gazzotti Group is the only partner able to  offer a product from an hand-craft manufacture, made on a specific project, thanks to Idee & Parquet in Tuscany, to the premium quality product manufactured by the Industrial Plant in Bologna (Gazzotti).

3. Unique counterpart: semplification in one contact

Gazzotti Group, thanks to the previous point, could be the unique counterpart for a distributor or retail partner, SIMPLIFYING in a world of complexity.

4. Tradition of 100 years of consistency

Gazzotti has the Experience, Tradition, Long History in Wood-Floor since 1910 and it makes the difference in more than a century of its sturdy CONSISTENCY in delivering product and service to our Client.

5. Continuous innovation prouved in a long history

Gazzotti has the INNOVATION in its DNA, this is proved by to be the first in the market in 1978 to introduce ENGINEERED wood-floor in a massive solid wood market. The first to introduce the concept of the natural finishing of VINTAGE in a market of glossy and shining finishing coverage in 2007. Today, in 2015, Gazzotti is the first company to introduce NAT finishing, exactly like the fresh wood cut “as colour” and “as touch” experience.

6. The king of reference from  1941

Gazzotti, a company born in 1910 in Bologne, already received in Feb. 1941 the Royal Agreement by the King of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele III, to have being installed in the Royal House.  The first reference of a long list.

7. The project on measure

Gazzotti has the skill to follow the partner on specific projects with the strongest flexibility of a small high skilled entity in Tuscany (Idee & Parquet) and the power to offer the organisational, financial and industrial  back-bone to succeed complex projects, thanks to Bologna framework support (Gazzotti)

8. The Italian product creation (touch) and the Italian production (quality)

In a globalized World, where a Manufacture has to meet the Clients in their own markets, to create the concept in Italy and to manufacture the product in Italy is the “Italian touch & quality” signed TREBBO (BOLOGNA), where the plant is located and how the new line “TREBBO lavorazioni” is called.

9. International mind

Instead of the traditional Italian wood-floor manufacturers Companies composed by familiar entities, traditionally well installed and mainly active at local scale, Gazzotti Group is run by managers with an International and Multinational Companies back-round.

10. Global offer package

Gazzotti offers a global product bigger than the Competitors, as Consumer care and post sales services, geographical commercial presence, technical advices on Uni rules and environmental certificates (Green Building Council _ Leed, Forest Stewardship Council_FSC, etc.)