Gazzotti is the leading company in the production of traditional and pre-finished parquet flooring.

Established in 1919 by Leonello Gazzotti. Since then it has been a very important reference for the sector.

The old factory (see original reproduction of the time), was located in the current centre of Bologna at the foot of the Basilica of San Luca.

Since its establishment Gazzotti company has undertaken the production of wood floors and has become the favourite supplier of the Royal Family.

Since that time, technology has become more and more sophisticated: in line with new interior furnishing styles, Gazzotti parquet has embraced new types of wood, new sizes, compositions, processing and laying technologies. Nevertheless, the heart of the matter, the rigorous attention to quality in the selection of the wood and its processing, has remained unchanged.

The same passion for wood for almost a century. Over time the company has changed its name into Gazzotti S.p.A. and in 1961 has built a new production facility in Trebbo di Reno near Bologna.

Since 2008, Idee & Parquet, a historic Tuscan company that has its roots in the Italian Renaissance’s tradition, has become a part of Gazzotti Group. Idee & Parquet is a network of highly specialized laboratories which expresses a unique offer system for the creation and production of wood flooring of the highest quality in both new and old wood, available in a catalogue or custom made, as a real tailored suit.



  • 1910 Gazzotti is founded.
  • 1955 Doussie was first imported to Italy by Gazzotti and becomes one of the most appreciated and loved wood species for Italians.
  • 1961 Inauguration of the new plant at Trebbo di Reno.
  • 1972 “Qualità Italia” award.
  • 1976 “Il Messaggero Economico Italiano” award.
  • 1978 Gazzotti creates Pronto Parquet: the pre-finished two-ply flooring destined to revolutionise the market.
  • 1985 “Premio Saie due 85” merit award for wood flooring and covering with special mention of Pronto Parquet Listoni.
  • 1999 Nomination as finalist in the national prize sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment for clean production processes (Pronto Parquet varnishing and finish).
  • 2000 “Eco Top 20” award as the best wood flooring based on esthetics and technical characteristics of its eco-friendly finish.
  • 2001 Introduction of the new Old Gallery product line: large pre-finished 3-layer boards with a special, exclusive, eco-friendly oil and wax impregnation treatment that solves the problem of residual indentation once the floor is walked over.
  • 2001 New Extraresistent eco-friendly finish applied to all products of the Pronto Parquet line, thus guaranteeing exceptional surface scratch resistance.
  • 2003 Starts a new television advertising campaign “Nuovi spazi al parquet”.
  • 2005 With the launch of ProntoParquet Fashion and Old Gallery pigmented version, innovative finishes come on the market.
  • 2006 With the new site and the presentation of the catalogue for designers, Gazzotti starts a new dialogue with the world of architecture.
  • 2006 From the joint research between Gazzotti and Mapei technical depts., ECO EG was born, the revolutionary ecological glue that breaks new ground in the ability to paste any type of flooring fully respecting the environment.
  • 2006 Presentation of the first international competition of ideas “Made of Wood”, created for architects and architecture students on the topic “innovative use of the parquet.”
  • 2007 After years of study and research, the ProntoParquet Vintage line has been presented: the product that thanks to its innovative finish allows a naturalness yet unknown to the world of wood flooring.
  • 2007 At the Triennale in Milan, the award for the international competition of ideas “Made of Wood” is given. The jury is presided over by Claudio Silvestrin.
  • 2007 The continuous search for innovation leads to the presentation of the new leather floor Linea Skin, fascinating solution to the world of design and creation where luxury, comfort, naturalness go to interbreed with each other.
  • 2008 The expansion of the Vintage line range is the true protagonist of the first international fair MADE expo in Milan: large-formats with an extraordinary Vintage finish in both natural and antique exclusive versions that allow a strong revitalization of the past.
  • 2008 Free Time outdoor flooring line is enriched by Ash Thermic, the wood species widely tested for saunas and steam baths, which guarantees, in outdoor flooring, high technical performance for the stability of the product.
  • 2009 Plancia 10 Vintage quickly becomes the leading product on the Italian market, thanks to its natural finish and the flexibility of installation (glued down or floating).
  • 2010 Gazzotti celebrates 100 years.  
  • 2010 The new colours made on oak base for the Vintage line create new trendy collections.
  • 2010 After extensive studies of new market trends, My Vintage has been launched, a line in the service of creative interior designers for customizing the rooms with exclusive installation systems, while maintaining the extraordinary naturalness of the  exclusive Vintage microporous finish.  For this purpose, the new photo book Vintagexperience has be presented.
  • 2011 The wood flooring is no longer a simple floor to walk on, but a furnishing and design element. To present to the world of architecture My Vintage line, a permanent exhibition ‘L’Arte e il Design si mettono in Posa’ has been open, where the wood flooring  dialogues with centuries-old walls, works of art and trendy design objects.
  • 2011 New trends tell about very natural finishes with customized installation or glossy finishes that goes to the style of the furniture. These are two extremes of the same scenario: innovation and design. On the one hand, the answer is My Vintage, on the other the renewed Fashion line with its glossy and transgressive finishes.
  • 2011 New line of laminate floorings Transit is born with highly innovative colours and formats.
  • 2011 The wood not only on the floor but also on the wall: with the Boiserie line, Gazzotti presents the new fixing system to the wall to give continuity in vertical as provided in horizontal, applicable to all product lines.
  • 2012 New sanitising finish is born, applied as standard on all products Extraresistent. As a result of years of research, the Extraresistent sanitising finish, scientifically certified, reduces by 99,9 % of the main bacterial strains population.
  • 2012 Extraresistent line has been enlarged: after the success in the Vintage line, Plancia 10 enters also the varnished line, together with X Large 10 format.
  • 2012 Extraresistent line is enriched with brushed products that highlight the wood veining.
  • 2012 Family (Extraresistent line) and Green (Vintage line) selections are introduced: dynamic, with personality, very natural, as required by the market trends.
  • 2012 Free Time line for outdoor flooring is enriched by a new wood species: Teak, thermically treated in order to guarantee better stability and lovelier colour.