History of Gazzotti Group: tradition and innovation since over a century.

Gazzotti is a leader company in traditional and prefinished parquet production. Founded in 1910 thanks to Leonello Gazzotti intuition, has been a guide since then for the market.

The old factory was in the actual Bologna center at the bottom of San Luca Church.

Since foundation the company has proved in quality wooden floors production, becoming a Real Casa official supplier. Since then building technologies have developed: consistent with the new styles of interior decorating, Gazzotti parquet floors got rich with new wood species, new shapes, arrangements, construction and posing technologies; but that productive culture made of raw materials rigorous selections and constant attentions payed to production processes, remained the same.

The same passion for wood since over a century.

During years the company name has been modified in Gazzotti S.p.a. and has been built in 1961 a new factory in Trebbo di Reno, in Bologna outskirt.

Over 100 years of experience, nature knowledge and raw amterials, passion for beauty and design, technological and aesthetic innovation to realize a parquet floor tha excites, wonderful to stroke and to see, environmentally friendly and unmistakably italian.

Gazzotti parquet floor is built in Italy and 100% of the production it’s verified. Every single piece of floor producted it’s checked singularly to become an international witness of italian style centenary tradition in quality excellence, innovation and design.

This tradition is renewed, since 2018’s end, with the birth of the new Gazzotti 18 Società Cooperativa which protagonists are Gazzotti employees, the most important products creators and proud interpreters of this centenary story.

Gazzotti over the years

1910 – The company was born

1955 – Gazzotti imports in Italy, first to arrive, the Doussiè wood species that has become over the years one of the most appreciated and loved by italians

1961 – Has been inaugurated the new factory of Trebbo di Reno, in Bologna outskirt

1971 – Gazzotti receives “Qualità Italia” prize

1976 – Gazzotti receives “Il Messaggero Economico Italiano” prize

1978 – Gazzotti starts to produce ProntoParquet: the prefinished floor with unique list two layers that will be a revolution in the market

1985 – Gazzotti receives “Premio Saie due 85” prize, certificate of merit for floors and coatings, assigned thanks to ProntoParquet Listoni

1999 – Gazzotti receives a nomination as finalist in the race for the national prize sponsored by the Environment Ministry assigned to the cleanest production processes (panting and finish ProntoParquet)

2000 – Gazzotti receives “Eco Top 20” prize, as best wooden floor, winner due to aesthetic, technique and final performance of it’s environmentally friendy finish

2001 – Market launch of the new products line Old Gallery: prefinished big tables with three layers  and a particular and exclusive environmentally friendly treatment

2001 – The revolutionary Extraresistent finish, applied to all ProntoParquet products line, provides a resistence to superficial scratches unthinkable until now, permitting use of parquet floor everywhere in the house

2003 – Gazzotti appears on tv with the new advertising campaign “Nuovi spazi al parquet”

2005 – With the launch of ProntoParquet Fashion and Old Gallery pigmented version, Gazzotti introduces on the market decisely innovative finishes

2006 – With the launch of a dedicated website and the presentation of the catalogue for designers, Gazzotti inaugurates a new dialogue with the world of architecture

2007 – After years spent studying and researching has been prensented the new products line ProntoParquet Vintage that, thanks to the innovative finish, permits a naturalness unknown in parquet floor world

2007 – During the three-year exhibition of Milan take place the Idee made of wood award ceremony. The president of jury is the Architect Claudio Silvestrin

2007 – The continuous search has led to presentation of the new leather floor Linea Skin, fascinating solution for design world, and implementations where luxury, comfort and naturalness are dominant

2008 – The expansion of Vintage products line is true leader in the international fair MADE expo of Milan. Big formats, with the extraordinary Vintage finish, are exclusive both in natural versions, both in antique versions.

2008 – The outdoor products line Free Time got rich with Frassino Thermic, a wood species widely tested in many sauna and turkish baths wich ensures, in outdoor floors, better technical performances thanks to great product stability

2009 – Plancia 10 Vintage became rapidly an italian market leader product, thanks to finish exclusives naturalness and  posing versatility, which can be glued or mobile

2010 – Gazzotti celebrates it’s 100th anniversary

2010 – New colors applied to Rovere in Vintage products line give rise to trendy collections

2010 – After a long period spent studying market trends, Gazzotti launch the My Vintage products line, a creative line at the service of interior designers to customize environments with exclusive posing methods, mantaining the extraordinary naturalness of exclusive microporous Vintage finish. Has been presented the new Vintageexperience photobook

2011 – The parquet floor it’s no longer a floor to be trampled, but a furnishing and design complement. In order to advertise in architecture world the products line My Vintage, has been realized a permanent exhibition “L’Arte e il Design si mettono in Posa”, in which the parquet floor dialogues with centenary walls, works of art and last trend design objects

2011 – New trends talk about very natural finishes with posing customization or polished finishes consistent with furnish style. Are the two opposite ends of the same scenario: innovation and design. On the one hand the answer is My Vintage, on the other the renewed Fashion products line, that has polished and unconventional finishes

2011 – Comes the new Transit products line of laminate floors, that has colors and formats highly innovative

2011 – Wood not only as floor but also as wall: with the Boiserie products line, Gazzotti presents a new posing system for walls to give vertical continuity to floor. It can be applied to any products line

2012 –  Comes the exclusive sanitizing finish, standard feature of all Extraresistent products. Result of years of research, the Extraresistent sanitizing finish has been certified in laboratory and cuts by 99,9% main bacterial strains population

2012 – All Extraresistent products format become wider: after success of Vintage products line, Plancia 10 enters in painted line, together with X Large 10 format

2012 – Extraresistent line got rich with brushed products, that highlight wooden grains

2012 – Has been introduced Family (in Extraresistent line) and Green (in Vintage line) selections: dynamic, with personality, extremely natural, as requested by market trends

2012 – The Free Time outdoor products line got rich with another essence: the Teak, thermally treated to obtain greater stability and more pleasant colors

2016 – The parquet becomes material and Gazzotti introduces Trebbo and Life

2018 – Comes Gazzotti 18 Società Cooperative composed by a group of 18 former employees of company in liquidation phase

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