INFORMATIONS* ABOUT PERSONAL DATA PROCESS under Articles 13/14 Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council

Dear user,

Gazzotti 18 Società Cooperativa in the person of its legal representative pro tempore, with legal office in Via Lame 282 Castel Maggiore (BO), (P.I.: 03733781201) as a controller informs you under Aricles 13/14 Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council that Gazzotti 18 Società Cooperativa will process your personal data in respect of law. 

According to the Regulation, the process of your personal data (register data, residence data, contact data, e-mail, cellphone, etcetera) will be done respecting correctness principles, lawfulness principle, transparency principle and protection of privacy principle for management of our website and surfing of it, the domain name of our website is


1) Objective of surfing our website and purchase of products and services.


We inform you that personal data given to us by you or attributable to you will be processed for the management of the website and to permit to you an optimal surfing experience, regarding this we invite you to read our cookies policy actually available to public on our website.

Your personal data can be processed for possible provision of goods and services ordered by you, to answer to your requests of informations and clarifications, for the management of warranty files.

The legal basis of these processes is represented by the necessity to make contractual performance and/or precontractual under Artcle 6(1)(b) of Regulation EU 2016/679, is reprensente also by necessity to make legal obligation under Article 6(1)(c) Regulation EU 2016/679. The non-communication of personal data will block the website surfing and/or provision of goods/services requested.

Personal data mentioned in Article 4 (1) Regulation EU 2016/679 given by you or attributable to you it’s possible that will be processed using paper, electronic devices and/or magnetic devices for a period of time necessary to fulfil contractual obligations and/or legal obligations.


2) Objective of subscription to newsletter service.

Prior your express authorization, personal data given by you or attributable to you will be processed for the management of newsletter service of Gazzotti 18 Società Cooperativa, for this reason your personal data will be processed for communications sending regarding offers, promotions and opportunities sponsored by the above company.

The legal basis of this process is represente by your express consent released ticking the appropriate box in the website, is represented also by the neccessity to execute contractual obligations and/or precontractual obligations under Article 6(1)(b) Regulation EU 2016/679 and by the necessity to execute legal obligations under Article 6(1)(c) Regulation EU 2016/679.

We inform you that the delivery of personal data is mandatory for the subscription to the service, non-communication of personal data will block the newsletter sending.

Personal data under Article 4(1) Regulation EU 2016/679 given by you or attributable to you it may be processed using paper, electronic devices and/or magnetic devices for a period of time necessary to fulfil contractual obligations and/or legal obligations regarding the newsletter service, or until your express deletion form the service.


We highlight the fact that it’s your right to delete your subscription to the newsletter service at any time, following the instructions actually available in every message that you will receive, or sending a communication using e-mail to

According to law possible processes executed before revocation are exceptions.

Further informations and clarifications valid for both objectives are given below.

Personal data given by you or attributable to you may be communicated or may be given specifically instructed operators, operators that are employees of Gazzotti 18 Società Cooperativa and/or operatore that compose external subjects collaborating with Gazzotti 18 Società Cooperativa as data controllers, for example:

Societies, companSocietà, ditte e/o liberi professionisti responsabili del trattamento per attività di elaborazione e gestione dei dati;

  • Società, companies, and/or freelances controllers in order to do consulting and/or management in technical fields, company fields, computer fields.
  • other subjects which that will require the communication in order to do a correct and complete execution of contract and/or to fulfil legal obligations and/or or reach specified objects.

We inform you further that it’s your right to ask to controller (Gazzotti 18 Società Cooperativa) the access to your personal data, correction, deletion, process limitation, it’s also your right to oppose to the process and to exercise the right to portability. Rights mentioned in the current paragraph can be exercised under Articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21 Regulation EU 2016/679 , for your convenience we have attached to the this privacy policy.

We inform you further tha it’s your right to denounce a complaint to supervisory authority under the current national law.

For any questions and to exercise right mentioned above, you can meet the privacy office pro tempore controller of Gazzotti 18 Società Cooperativa available in Via Lame 282 Castel Maggiore (BO) or by telephone calling n. 0516329611 or by e-mail writing to

*The present policy add knowledges and completes elements already know by the person concerned.                                          


Gazzotti 18 Società Cooperativa



Dear user,

Gazzotti 18 Società Cooperativa (controller) as pro tempore legal representative, with legal office in Via Lame 282 Castel Maggiore (BO) (P.I.: 03733781201, phone: 0516329611, e-mail: inform you that during website surfing may be recorded on your computer some informations called cookies.

Cookies are data created by a server and stored in a text file in your computer hard disk, them permit this website to work, the use of a specific functionality explicitly requested by the user, that is them permit to improve the functioning of this website. For example there are cookies that speed up website surfing and cookies that show contents of major interests for the user depending on choice made previously. Cookies may be permanent (these are called persistent cookies), but it’s possible to have a cookie with a limited duration (these are called session cookies). This website utilizes both persistent cookies and session cookies. Session ones aren’t stored permanently on your computer and vanish with computer shutdown. Persisten ones are need for customize web surfing, customization dependent on device used by the user (computer, tablet, smartphone) to surf web, just like third party cookies.

The website utilizes necessary “technical” cookies, as defined by Data Protection Supervisor Directive of 8 May 2014 and so, regarding “techncal” cookies, it’s not required the consent for their installation because are cookies needed for the website features fruition.

“Technical” cookies are:

Name                                                  Supplier                              Objective                                  Expiration            Type

________________                               Gazzotti 18                        See specification*                 annual               Techical cookie

*Specification: this cookie is utilized to know if user saw or not the privacy policy, and so possibly to not show again the short cookie policy in future web pages of next visits of the user. (SPECIFICATION COMPILATION DEPENDS ON COOKIE OBJECTIVE). During web surfing, however, may be showed advertisements coming from, for example: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google Analitics, Google Maps.

These advertisements use third party cookies not dependent on our website settings, these cookies can store on surfing servers some informations about consuming habits and preferences. The same third parties have the duty to receive the consent regarding third party cookies, as clarified by Data Protection Supervisor.

For any information about third party cookies used on our website and about the possibility to choose them deactivation, you have to click on the following links:

For completeness, we want inform you about the fact that you can make a prior choice using your browser settings and other softwares regarding Internet Security.

We inform you however that this choice may cause a more complex or incomplete surfing experience on our website causing the impossibility to access some functionalities.

For further technical details regard this argument you can read assistance resources of the most diffused browsers:

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